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The War on Hayfever!

The War on Hayfever!

It’s slightly over dramtic to say hayfever is ruining my life, but its certainly affecting my quality of life right now! Infact its making me bloody miserable!!! 

Despite taking prescribed medication, my main symptoms are:

• Constant runny nose

• Painful sinuses

• Hot, sore, itchy eyes.

These make me feel tired and irritable and also affect my confidence in that my nose is constantly red, I cant wear any eye make up, I’m often having to wear my glasses instead of my usual contact lenses and also constantly blowing my nose isn’t exactly attractive!! 

So to summarize I feel crap & I look crap! 

I’m not one to take things lieing down so today I’m stepping things up a gear amd taking on the war on hayfever!! ??

The steps I plan to try as of today are:

• Give up on contact lenses for just now so I can use eye drops. Which will also mean a trip to the optition to purchase some presciption sunglasses. 

• plan outings accordingly e.g avoid driving  through country roads with high pollen when other routes are available.

• Close windows through the day and instead use fans. 

• Wipe down surfaces (especially in bedroom) with a damp cllth regularly to remove pollens and vacume regularly for air borne pollen.

• Wash hair daily! Ironically I did this until recently but I have been trying to wash my hair less to save time, however I read today that pollen can become trapped in the hair and transfer to your pillow at night which will aggrivate your hayfever further!

• Change pillowcase daily. See above! 

I shall update you on whether these steps make any difference!

Do any of you suffer from hayfever? I’d love to hear what steps you take to ease your symptoms!!

Thanks for dropping by! 

Amy x

*Some links you may find helpful are below!*

NHS advice on hayfever.

Benadryl website.

NHS, hay-fever explained.

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