Speed Cleaning with a Toddler!

So if you haven’t heard about the latest youtube craze, it’s “speed cleaning” videos! Videos of people speed cleaning their homes! They are strangely addictive and often motivating!  They can also be a great procrastination tool in my case! 😉 So since I was doing a speedy clean this week anyway (One of those quick… Continue reading Speed Cleaning with a Toddler!

Meal Plan Monday! #2

Last week I filmed a video where I shared my meal plan for the week & it got a great response so I’ve done the same again this week!  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!  I hope you enjoy!  Amy x

10 Problems only Contact Lense Wearers will Understand.

1.  Feeling like you’ve been stabbed in the eye when u get a bit of dust/fluff/a tear in your lense. 2.  Feeling cheated at having to pay a monthly fee for the ability to see. 3.  Falling asleep in your lenses and waking up to them glued to your eyeballs. 4.  Losing a lense behind… Continue reading 10 Problems only Contact Lense Wearers will Understand.

Creating a Minimalist Wardrobe.

Facebook         Instagram        Twitter Minimalism is something I’ve been working towards the last few years and I feel I’m now at the stage where I am able to share with you how I have created a minimalist lifestyle. Today’s video is one of three videos where I am going to speak… Continue reading Creating a Minimalist Wardrobe.

Paperchase Diary Review!

A  good diary is essential to keep organised throughout the year so I thought I’d re post this review I made of my Paperchase diary incase you still need to choose a diary for the year ahead!   (Just click on the image below to watch!)     I hope you found this review helpful!… Continue reading Paperchase Diary Review!