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Last Minute, No cost, Valentine’s Day Ideas!

Last Minute, No cost, Valentine’s Day Ideas!

Ok so you’ve run out of time/money to get your other half anything for Valentines day?

Maybe you had agreed not to get anything for each other but they surprised you with a gift and you have nothing! Argh!!

Or maybe you’ve just had a change of heart and now you are unprepared and have no time to get a gift!  Nightmare!

Or you are totally skint and don’t have the funds for a lavish gift!!

Fear not!!! I have 5 inexpensive, last minute, Valentines day ideas for you!!

1.  Give your other half 12 envelopes with a date night idea for every month of the year!  They don’t have to be expensive ideas!  It could be a movie night, a pamper evening or a themed night e.g an Italian food night or recreate a favourite restaurant meal at home.


2.  20 things I love about you! Write a list of 20 things you love about your other half!  Everyone loves to hear compliments and what a nice keepsake to read again and again!  Use a nice pen and roll the paper into a scroll, tieing it with whatever you have available whether that’s ribbon, string or even a hair scrunchy!


3.  Bake!  Nothing says I love you like something you’ve taken time to make yourself!  It doesn’t have to be elaborate to show you’ve taken the time for them!  Chocolate crispies, chocolate bark (chocolate melted into a sheet and topped with anything you like!) or heart-shaped pancakes would be lovely!  Use your imagination & whatever you have in the house!

(My pancake recipe is 100g SR flour, 100g sugar, 1 egg and milk to the desired consistency! Simples!)


4.  A candle lit massage.  Who doesn’t like a massage and its free and takes zero preparation!! make the bed, light a few candles and viola your own home spa! 😉


5.  Love vouchers!  Write out your own “love vouchers” onto pieces of paper!  Use a nice pen and decorate with hearts!  You can give them as they are or fold them up and hide them in a treasure hunt or inside balloons which you have to pop to find them!! Some voucher ideas might be “A long lie” or “breakfast in bed”  or a favourite of mine “I’ll clean  your car!” hehe!


I know we should show our love every day and not just on a special holiday but Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be a commercial gimmick to spend money, it can be an excuse to make that extra effort to show your loved one you care, when sometimes life gets in the way of showing it on a daily basis!

Happy Valentines Day everyone! (Especially my love Andrew!)

Amy xxx


  1. February 14, 2017 / 7:21 pm

    Some lovely ideas here. I’m crap at baking so I bought in some cakes. Still unsure whether to admit to it ?

    • February 14, 2017 / 7:26 pm

      Haha i say keep quiet! Its the thought that counts anyway! ???

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