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Self Care for busy Mums (& Dads) 

Self Care for busy Mums (& Dads) 

I’ve been planning to film a video on self care for busy Mums (and Dads) for ages so when I was sent Ruth Ware’s new book The Lying Game I thought it was the perfect excuse to indulge in some me time and share my favourite ways to de stress!
I was sent a sample of the Ruth’s book by email ahead of my book arriving in the post and I can honestly say that I was looking out for the postman every day waiting on my book arriving so I could continue reading nd find out what happens next! The lying game has kept me gripped while also being very easy to read! I think thats important when you’re a busy parent!! I like a book I can dip in and out of without losing track of whats going on and this book is perfect for that! I look forward to reading a chapter (or two) each night before bed and I often take it on the school run with me and try and squeeze in a few pages while I’m waiting on Caitlin in the car! If you would like to read Ruth’s new book check out the links below!

START READING Ruth Ware’s The Lying Game here –


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