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Cruising the Capital! The Volvo V40 with Volvo Cars Edinburgh.

Cruising the Capital! The Volvo V40 with Volvo Cars Edinburgh.

I’m not going to pretend I’m some kind of car buff, because quite frankly, I’m not!

But when your Dad is a car salesman for a good part of your childhood, you pick up a thing or two about cars!

Volvo Cars Edinburgh kindly offered us the chance to try out the new Volvo Volvo V40 so we took the chance to have a look around our gorgeous capital city Edinburgh and explore the sights!!

The Volvo V40 not only boasts great fuel economy (to keep the hubby happy!) but is also a really comfortable car, perfect for family road trips like ours!

An added bonus is that the backseat has an extra wide arm rest to save sibling squabbles of “muuum shes touching me again!!”

I think most parents will agree that a top priority when it comes to purchasing a family car is whether its going to keep our precious cargo safe! Volvo are continuously developing their technology to improve car users safety as well as sustainability! You can read more about volvo’s 2020 mission statement here if you’d like know more about their research and improvement strategies.

So our Volvo V40 review . .

This car is a comfortable family car perfect for running your little sproglets from ballet to piano lessons, to birthday parties, to scouts!

Is it gonna turn heads amongst the A list crowd, probably not! Will it attract interest from fellow parents at sports day, damn straight it will!! And thats before you tell them the headlight design is based on Thor’s hammer!

All things considered this is a great all rounder if you are looking for a family car! The money you’ll save on fuel is nothing in comparison to the peace of mind you’ll get from knowing Volvo is committed to your safety! The V40 R Design featured all the mod cons you’d expect from a modern car with electric windows, aircon, bluetooth etc making this a practical family car.

A huge thanks to John Clark’s Edinburgh Volvo dealership who provided us with our wheels for the day and were so pleasant and helpful! Not to mention that they have the best customer lounge area i’ve ever seen in a dealership! You’ll find a great range of Volvo V40 for sale in their awesome showroom!

Definitely worth a visit!!

Amy x

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