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Rustlers Burger Challenge!

Rustlers Burger Challenge!

Is there anything better than a bit of childhood nostalgia?! Even better is when you can share those childhood memories with your own kids!

We recently dug some of my old toys out of the loft and my girls loved exploring my polly pockets, carebears and keepers! Who remembers those!!

So when I was asked by Britmums and Rustlers Burgers to take on their burger challenge I couldn’t wait to share this favourite snack from my teenage years with my offspring!

Its not something i’ve bought since having the girls, truth be told, but the more I got into this challenge I realised what I’ve been missing out on!! Rustlers burgers are super fast to through together, taking only 90 seconds in the micro AND you can get the kids 5 a day into them with some added healthy toppings! Winner!!

If your kids are as impatient and hangry as mine tend to be then you’ll appreciate a substantial, hot snack which goes from fridge to mouth in 90 seconds!! ??

So what did we do with ours?!

Well first up I popped the bun in the toaster at the lowest setting to warm it through without it getting soggy in the micro! Then while the burger was in the micro and the bun was toasting away nicely I pulled out some burger essentials from the fridge!

We added some of my homemade tomato ketchup which is full of antioxidants from fresh tomatoes but the kids think is delicious!

Then some salad bits, which I know not all kids like! Mine do and thats not down to me I’m afraid, its just luck! I find letting them choose what they really DON’T want in their salad helps as you are giving them some choice! I finely chop all the salad as theres nothing more off putting than taking a bite and a massive leaf of lettuce leaving the bun between your teeth! Also sweet veg like grated carrots or yellow pepper are usually tolerated by non veg lovers! And then of course a good helping of cheese for added calcium (and yumminess!!) the cheese also helps hide the salad too if your kids aren’t fans! ??

And thats it!! We had our burgers for lunch after arriving home from a busy saturday morning out and about running errands when we all were starving needed food as a matter of urgency before one of us ate another family member!!!

Our burgers did not disappoint!!

Thanks Britmums and Rustlers burgers for settling me the challenge of coming up with a healthy snack, in a hurry, for my little bear cubs!!

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  1. February 11, 2018 / 8:04 pm

    Great to hear how you got on and sometimes a quick to fix meal is just what we need. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part.

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