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Dolmio Thank Goodness Challenge

Dolmio Thank Goodness Challenge

Britmums and Dolmio set me a challenge, to create a family meal which is both healthy AND something the kids will eat on a busy week night!

This is a challenge us parents face most days so you’ll know how much of a task this can be!!

Dolmio is a sauce I grew up eating and one which I have given my kids growing up too, so you could say its kind of a family tradition! 😉

Its so quick and easy to throw a jar of Dolmio into some minced beef or quorn and create a quick meal, which is why I always have an emergency jar in the cupboard!!

If like me you are not shy of cutting a few corners when it comes to getting the kids fed you’ll be pleased to know that not only is Dolmio sauce super convenient its also 100% natural and free from nasties like additives, sweetners or E numbers!

So thats one less thing on my list of Mum guilt!

Swimming night is our busiest night of the week so bolognese tends to be my saviour! We arrive home from swimming at 5.15pm with two ravinous kids who need something they can wolf down easily!

If im organised i’ll pop my mince and dolmio in the slow cooker earlier in the day but if im not (which is more often the case) I know I can have dinner on the table in 20 mins!

A jar of Dolmio already contains one of your five a day but if you’re sneaky like me you can also hide loads of other veggies within the sauce too! I find grating the veg hides it really well although I didnt even bother this time and the sauce seemed to mask the veg from the kids! Ive managed to sneak carrots, mushrooms and even courgettes into our bolognese! 😉 #mumtrick

I served my bolognese with wholewheat spaghetti which the girls didnt even realise wasnt our usual white pasta! I grated some parmesan on top and served with garlic bread. You could also try having it on a baked potato or even in pitta breads! The variations are endless (thank goodness since I make Bolognese at least once a fortnight!) Its also my go to meal when Caitlin has a friend over to play as I’ve yet to meet a child who doesnt eat bolognese!

10/10 from Elle!

Thanks Dolmio for setting me this yummy challenge!

*This post is an entry for the #dolmio #thankgoodness challenge, sponsored by Dolmio. *

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  1. March 24, 2017 / 11:03 am

    Looks like a dish that makes you very popular with the family. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part.

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