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Healthy Grocery shop and Meal Plan under £40!

Healthy Grocery shop and Meal Plan under £40!

Hi again guys!

If you’ve been following my blog for a while you will have noticed I don’t upload too often!  The reason being is that I am guilty of focussing most of my time on my Youtube channel Amy being Mum and somewhat neglecting my blog!  I apologise for this!

One of my goals for 2018 is to dedicate more time to my blog and so far I’m really enjoying getting stuck back into things!

I will still be sharing my youtube videos on here but you’ll also get to read some of my ramblings too which is always handy when you’re stuck next to a toddler who won’t sleep and you need something to read in the dark, and in silence, to aid your boredom! Well in my experience anyway!

If you don’t follow my youtube channel then you won’t know that I regularly upload Grocery Hauls where I share what I’ve bought in my food shop that week! They are one of my most popular types of videos! In these videos I also share my Meal plan for the week!

I’ve shared below my most recent Aldi Haul and Meal plan video for you to watch if you wish to but if you just want to see what we have planned for meals this week then keep scrolling and you’ll see this week’s plan below!

Thanks for stopping by!

Amy x


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