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When our babies grow up!

When our babies grow up!

This weekend was Caitlin’s first camp with the cub scouts! It feels like only yesterday that I myself went on guide camp!! How do I have a child old enough to go away to camp?! 

Its such a scary prospect for us parents, letting our children grow up and have their own experiences, independent from us! You want them to have all the wonderful experiences you did as a child and protect them from all of your bad ones.  But in reality not only can you not protect them from all those unpleasant experiences but maybe, just maybe we shouldnt?! 

I remember my first guide camp in proper tents, I was miserable!! I hated the whole experience from being cold, sleeping in cramped tents, the lack of hot showers and generally being constantly cold and wet! We live in Scotland afterall!! 

I have to admit I was pretty apprehensive about caitlin’s first camp, with my own unpleasant memory in the forefront of my thoughts.  But I knew I had to let her try camp for herself without me influencing her. . . 

And guess what, she had the best time!!!! I feel so very proud of her! Shes so differet to me at her age and thats something I need to remind myself of often! Shes far more confident and outgoing than I was at her age! Shes much more like her Dad as a child than me, thank goodness! 

She came home from camp beaming and full of funny stories!! Not to mention a tan to die for, which her faked tanned Mamma is pretty damn envious of!! 

It surprises me every day that my baby is becoming this grown up girl with her own personality and opinions and while it often scares the crap out of me, right now I could feel prouder of my big girl! 

Thanks for reading!

Amy x (one proud Mamma!!!)

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