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Home management in 2018

Home management in 2018

Wow how is it March already?! I feel like It’s taken The first two months of 2018 for me to actually find my groove this year, in all aspects of my life! I think it’s perhaps the gloomy weather and dark mornings that find me lacking motivation! How about you?

With March signalling the start of spring I have a new-found energy and suddenly want to grab life by the reigns! The sunshine and crisp mornings are such a mood lifter!

If you follow me on you tube or social media (Instagram, Facebook & Twitter) you may know that I’ve started a bullet journal. This for me has been a game changer! It has forced me to look at how I use my time and prioritize my goals! And guess what, I haven’t been using my time wisely at all!


So what are my goals for 2018?! Well I hope to focus more on my blog, continue to grow my YouTube channel and get back to my original focus which was home management!

Long gone is the outdated “housewife” persona and instead I like to think of the new generation of “Home makers” (Male or Female, married or not!) as highly motivated and passionate home managers!


The reality is that this isn’t always the case! Being the main adult responsible for home management can be a pretty thankless job at times and leave us feeling deflated, uninspired and often a little resentful. Whether it’s a role you have voluntarily taken on or one which has been imposed upon you through necessity it can be a pretty tiresome role!


So this blog is a place for fellow home makers to come together and help motivate each other! Home making doesn’t have to be dull and boring (although I realise it can be!) Lets break the monotony by challenging ourselves to not “just” being a home maker but to be skilled in the art of home management!



and that doesn’t mean slogging it out cooking and cleaning 24/7, instead its about using clever hacks, time management and budgeting to live our best lives while running our homes like bosses! ??

Thanks for stopping by!

Amy x

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