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About me!

Thanks for checking out my blog! My name is Amy, I’m a 30 something mum of two girls with an 8 year age gap so I currently have a toddler and a tweenager! ?

I also live with my husband, Andrew, who is a keen runner! (Wouldn’t you be living with 3 women! ?)

I am a Channel Mum Sponsored vlogger and also have my own Youtube Channel.

I am not a perfect mum, but I’m an honest one and one who is willing to share her fails as well as her wins, if it means helping other Mums and Dads!

I’ve been both a single working parent and (currently) a stay at home parent. I’ve shared my experiences with mental health, raising kids, budgeting & home management & I hope to continue to share my tips and tricks!

Life is tough, we all have different obstacles which we face so I created as a place to find support and encouragement and motivate each other to live our best life whatever our situation!

I hope you’ll stick around for the journey!!

Lots of love,

Amy x