About Me


So I’m a stay at home mum to two crazy girls, Caitlin aged 9 years and Elle who is now One year. I live with my “partner”,  Andrew. He’s a man. Partner can be either cant it! I like to say partner to keep people guessing! He’s actually my “fiancé” but i think that sounds silly and I feel 31 is too old to have a “boyfriend” so until we get hitched later this year, he’s my “partner.”
We are currently trying to plan our wedding for July this year but with the kid’s busy social lives and my mummy coffee mornings not to mention my daily date with Mr Tumble, I’m a very busy woman!!!


We live in a village in Scotland. Ive lived in this village for 10 years and Andrew moved here 2 years ago when we all moved into a new house together with my eldest daughter Caitlin. Then a year ago baby Elle joined our family!! The best bit about Elle arriving was that I was done being pregnant! (Im the worst person in the world at being pregnant!) Then when we met her she was just as amazing as her big sister so I feel like the luckiest Mum in the whole wide world!!

You can also find me on instagram and youtube! Amybeingmum

Thanks so much for reading!
Amy xxx

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