Why I Vlog . .

First of all just to clarify, for those unsure, a Vlog is a Video Log.  So a video version of a blog essentially!

I started blogging less than 5 months ago.  It was always my goal to be a Vlogger but blogging seemed like a good way to dip my toe into the Vlogging  waters!  Little did I know that blogging and vlogging would be so different!

When I started blogging I discovered a love of writing that I never knew I had.  I found it a wonderful way of processing my thoughts by putting them down on paper.  Well MacBook rather than paper, but you know what I mean!  I found it very therapeutic to empty my head into a blog post and was surprised to find that some other people actually liked reading my brain vomits!

Once I had caught the blog bug I started my Facebook page and Instagram account as a way to promote my blog and it was through these social media platforms that I “met” some other amazing bloggers!  Mums, Dads and normal people too!  I use quotation marks around the word met because I only know these people virtually and haven’t actually met these people in the flesh but it is with the support and encouragement of my fellow blogging chums (as well as my family and friends obvs!) that I got the confidence to Vlog!  And for that I am ever so grateful!

Blogging (for me) is safe, its just logging my thoughts and opinions.  The only hard part is coming up with new topics to write about! If people disagree with my views thats Ok because I totally respect that we all have different opinions and thats what makes the world interesting! However when it comes to vlogging you are opening yourself up to people not only having opinions on your views but on how you look, how you sound, your home, your kids, etc etc.  And that is bloody scary! and that is why I wanted to make the jump to Vlogging.  I love blogging but it is very safe for me whereas vlogging is more of a challenge!  It’s out of my comfort zone and thats what I need!

So why do I Vlog?  Because I love the challenge!!

I am FAR more articulate in writing!  In fact I worry that when people actually meet me that they question how this bumbling idiot can write a blog!

I like the creative process of coming up with a video idea, to staging the set up and lighting then editing it to create something that appears much more flawless than the reality.  It’s not something which has come naturally to me which means I’ve had to work at it and learn about lighting, editing etc.  (I think I must have editied out about a million “em”s and awkward pauses in my videos) I’ve a long way to go but I love learning as I go and I’m constantly trying to improve!

Having my youtube channel and creating vlogs gives me something thats just for me!  Something I have created all by myself and I can take all the credit for (and criticism too, but mostly people are lovely!)  And on days when I feel like all I do is cook, clean and do laundry its the little bit of creative outlet I need to make me feel like me again!

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me on my blog, youtube, Facebook, Instagram and twitter!  Your “likes” and comments are always noted and very much appreciated, truly!!

I have been lucky enough to be shortlisted in the Mumsnet 2016 blogger awards in the “Best Vlogger” category.  It would mean the world to me if you (and everyone in your family 😉 ) would take a minute to vote for me!  You just click the link, scroll down to the nominees and click the box that says AmybeingMum!  Simples!


Thank you, Thank you , Thank you!!!!

Amy (being Mum) xx




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