What’s all the Hygge about?!

The title was meant to be a play on words, you know like “what’s all the hype about” but in actual fact the word “hygge” isn’t pronounced “high-gge”,  as I thought when I started this post.  Doh! Research tells me it’s pronounced “Hoo-gaa.” Who knew?! Probably everyone except me actually! Its quinoa all over again! Notice I kept the title anyway.

Photo credit, Kirsten Johnson.
It seems this new trend is set to stay with Collins and Oxford dictionaries listing Hygge in their top 10 words of the year.  Move over Marie Kondo and your freakish folding obsession, it’s all about Hygge now!


So what is this new trend?!

Well basically its about enjoying being cosy and creating a cosy environment with which you lavish in the cosiness of it all!  Did I say its cosy?! Its like super, ultra f**king cosy ok!! It’s a total wet dream for a tired out mum of a non sleeping toddler like  myself!  The book by Meik Wiking is like the new fifty shades for Mums!


Now don’t get me wrong, I’m ALL about the Hygge!!!  You only have to ask my family, I basically live in my pjs and drink cosy cups of tea all bloody day long!!  I was enjoying just sitting doing nothing before it was even a thing!  I thought I was just lazy, who knew it would become a trend!!  But do we really need to make it into a concept and give it a name?!  I can’t help but feel it becomes a bit hipster and pretentious by doing so!


One of the things the concept of Hygge encourages is turning off from technology, and yet Instagram has over a million photos of people “doing” Hygge?! #hygge  Oh the irony!!


So do I do Hygge? – hells yeah!!

Do I call it Hygge?  – If I want to sound trendy yes. If I don’t want my family and friends to rip the piss out of me then no!

Will I buy the book?  – I want to say no but who am I kidding, I most probably will.  Because I’m a sheep! a wooly, cosy, soft, Hygge sheep!

Thanks for reading!

Amy xx

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