What you need to know about turning 30!

So its my birthday in a couple of days and I find there is nothing like a Birthday to make you reflect on life!  I could pretend this is me turning 30 but alas I can’t lie, I have actually been lingering in 30 something territory for a while now!

I thought, while I’m in this reflective mood, I’d write a blog post to share with you my thoughts on being a thirty something!

First off I want to say that so far my thirties have been my favourite decade!  So if you are panicking about hitting the big 30 then let me tell you, its not all bad!

So here are (what I have found) to be the big game changers since turning 30! . . .

1. You Know yourself!  You’ve been hanging out with yourself for 30 years now, thats 3 decades man!!!  You know what you like and what you don’t like and that makes life a hell of a lot easier!!

Example:  You bought knee high boots when they were in fashion in your teens and again in your 20s and you looked like an extra from pretty woman in both instances so when the fashion once again pops up in your 30s you give it a wide berth & spend your money on cocktails instead!

2. You care less about shit!  So we’ve established you’ve been on this earth a while now and you are acutely aware that you have less time left than when you started this journey!  This realisation tends to make one less generous with ones fucks!  This means saying “no” more and doing less stuff you don’t want to do to please others!

3.  You can sniff out bullshit at 50 yards!  You have zero time for fake bitches!  You have nothing against them, each to their own and all that, but they just don’t have a place in your life at this stage in your life!  Your squad are the gals that don’t judge you for wearing workout clothes to sit on your sofa and eat chocolate, and who will willingly disclose that their kids have had fish fingers for dinner 3 nights this week to reassure you you aren’t a crap mum!  That “friend” you had in your 20s who never had to wear any make up as she had naturally radiant skin (funny that she had a million bazillion boots advantage card points then huh! She didn’t get those from buying paracetamol!) and who’s boyfriend would NEVER leave his dirty washing on the floor (come on its actually biologically impossible for that to be true!!) she got filtered out and is now a mere Facebook acquaintance!  She’s the one posting photos of her on a farm with her kids in all white outfits looking immaculate! You are more careful now to only acquire like minded friends and you hang on to those friends whom you truly treasure!

4.   Your body lets you down but thats ok!  You can no longer eat the things you once could without putting on weight.  The hair on your head is more thin than it used to be, most probably because its being distributed to other weird areas of your body now (toes and nipples?! WTF?! for what reason does one need hair in those places?!)  You start to have wrinkles!!!  Not cute laughter lines like you started to acquire in your late 20s but proper lines!!!!   But the good news is you don’t really care all that much!!  See number 2 above!

5.  You appreciate more.  You have realised you are not the centre of the universe you once thought you were.  You are aware of those around you who are less fortunate,  and boy does that make you appreciate what you have!  You start to become more aware, of people sometimes younger than you, being taken too soon and you realise how truly lucky you are to have the wrinkles and squidgy tummy and even the bitches who try to make you feel inferier to boost their own insecurities.  All of that, all of the stuff that makes you feel bloody old a lot of the time is a reminder of what a privilege it is to be given the opportunity to become old!

Thanks for reading!

Amy x

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