Welcome to my new look page!

Hello and welcome to my new look blog page!!! I hope you all like it since I did a lot of swearing work to create this little hang out spot for us!

I wanted the page to reflect the awesomeness of you guys who will be visiting it so I hope I’ve managed to achieve that!


You can access all the AmybeingMum social networks through the social links in the page sidebar



You can also sign up to my blog, if you haven’t already, by clicking my blog follow button in the page sidebar! You will then receive email notifications of new blog posts, competitions and reviews!


If you are viewing the page on your phone then you need to click the little menu icon at the top left corner to access the above options!


As well as relaunching my Blog page I really wanted to start the new year by reaching 1000 subscribers to my Youtube channel and thanks to all you guys I did!!! So thank you, thank you, thank you!! I’ve now surpassed 1k and hope to keep the channel growing throughout 2017!



If you come across any problems using this page I would really appreciate you dropping me a message and letting me know so I can get it rectified for your next visit!

Can’t wait to see where 2017 takes us!!

Thank you for your continued support!  You guys really are the best!!

Amy xxx

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