Wedding Decor – Part One

My favourite part (& probably the bit ive been most confident doing) is the wedding decor! All the little bits and pieces that make the day personal to us! 

We looked into companies that do venue dressing, we looked at making everything ourselves . . In the end we went for a combination! If i thought I could make something myself to the same standard or better than I could hire someone to achieve and under budget then I’d do it myself! If someone could do it better than me, cheaper than me and save me a heap of time and stress then Im all for that!! šŸ‘ŒšŸ¼

So below is part one of two videos where I share with you all the bits and pieces Ive bought or made for out wedding decor. I had to split this topic into two videos because it was simply too long to make one video! I was bored editing it let alone you guys watching it! So if you’d like a watch then click the link below & let me know your thoughts! X

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