Trying Something New

I love reading other Mum’s blogs, having a nosey at their lives on Instagram and watching their channels on you tube! Its such a great way to document life too! And it looks like such fun! And that is why I’ve decided to give this whole blogging thing a go! Its why I’m “Trying something new!!”

People who know me already know that I’m no stranger to trying something new! I’m always taking up a new hobby or trying out a different career path! I’ve done such a variety of jobs from Pharmacy Technician to Childcare Practitioner to self employed Jewellery maker to Beauty Therapist! People ask me what I’m up to now with an eye roll and I used to feel embarrassed about the fact I “never stuck at anything.” After all people are meant to fit into a particular box aren’t they? . . . This is Marjory she’s a dentist or this is Bill he’s a salesman. We even tell our kids “I’ll only send you to swimming lessons/ballet/piano lessons if you’re going to stick at it!” Why do we place such importance on sticking to one thing rather than trying lots of new things? why would we encourage our kids to try one thing and stick to it or don’t try at all? You see the truth is I just love trying new things!! Its what makes me want to get up in the morning and enjoy life! I love new experiences and meeting new people and learning to do new things!!

When I started getting my nails done at 18 I was fascinated with the process so i learned to be a nail technician. I didn’t particularly want a career as a nail technician, i just wanted to learn HOW to be one because it looked fun! And travelling down to London and staying on my own in a B&B and attending a beauty school to learn the art of gel, acrylic, silk & fibreglass nails WAS fun!!! I met so many interesting people too! People with stories and lives I’ve never come across since! Those stories and the experience of meeting those people will stay with me forever. They are part of what makes me who i am!

I watched a programme about making jewellery. The girl had her own business and i thought it looked exciting, how she chose her materials and designed pieces which she sold for others to enjoy. I wanted to give that a try. And i did!! I had my own business for 3 years making and selling jewellery which i designed myself. I enjoyed it so much! Doing the craft fairs and making specially commissioned pieces for people. I remember returning home from a craft fair and making a watch for a woman who had placed an order that day and packaging it up ready to be posted. The following morning I went into labour with my first child, Caitlin, so it was lucky i had packed it up ready to post! You see all these different things Ive done are part of my story! It wont be a boring story at least!
I’ve done other things too; flower arranging, a beginners law course at university, art classes to name a few!

I was trying to think of something I would NEVER try and i struggled to think of anything because, who knows! I can safely say I wont try drowning puppies or drinking cat piss but then again Bear Grylls would have you believe that drinking piss isn’t so bad an idea so maybe i shouldn’t say never . . .

ben nevis 2010

As i get older and have more responsibilities I feel more nervous about trying new things. Maybe there will be a day when I feel too old or scared to try new things. So until then I wont “stick at one thing” for fear of what people might think. I will keep filling my life with new experiences and meeting new people! And I will encourage my daughters to do the same! Im not ashamed of how I am anymore because now I’m proud that I’m 31, a mother of two and still trying something new!!!!! 🙂

Thanks again for reading!!

Amy xxx

5 thoughts on “Trying Something New

  1. And you wouldn’t be our Amy without trying something new every few weeks! We’d just be bored otherwise!! X

  2. OMG this is me!!! I literally read this and thought I’d written it myself! I never stick at anything. Even with my bloga nd youtube channel ive had months where I’ve flitted in and out, but it is the one thing I always come back to! Like you I get the eye rolls and the ‘here we go again’. I trained in all sorts of beauty treatments, ran my own stationery business, set up a small online fashion store (which I still have, and do it every so often, its nothing serious). Like you I love learning new things! And people don’t snigger or laugh when they want something 🙂 Kirsty x

  3. Amy I’m loving your blog. Really think you know me and have written this on me. Heehee. I myself are like you and love trying new things and learning new things. Why not life is to short 😉

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