This is what Date night looks like!

So you’re just home from the hospital with your newborn baby who is everything you could have ever hoped for and more! You know that disturbed nights are part and parcel of having a newborn but of course it’s so worth it to have this special bundle of perfection right!! . . .

. . . Two year later when that “little bundle of perfection” is a some what larger todder who is kicking you in the boob while pretending to hide from dinosaurs when she should be asleep, and the tolerance surrounding disturbed sleep has most definately gone out the window!! Along with peeing alone, listening to anything in the car other than a disney soundtrack & confidently knowing that any unpleasant smell of poo/sick isn’t actually ON you! (Please tell me I’m not alone in this?!)

Which brings me to our “date night.”  

Its not that we never go out! We are very lucky to have family close by to kindly babysit for us! But we tend to only “use” their kind offer to babysit if we have an actual event to attend. We wouldn’t ask them to babysit just for time to ourselves for example, which in actual fact is probably more important for the sake of a healthy marriage! But never the less, its not something we do really.  

So we had a babysitter organised (my sister & brother in law) to go to a friends BBQ this evening along with lots of other friends of ours. It would have been great fun! Its not that we wouldn’t have enjoyed it because I know for sure that we would  have!! But I really just wanted to spend an evening catching up with my husband!! Not hurriedly passing on essential information relating to appointments or Cubs pick up arrangements in the small window we get to communicate of an evening, during which time one child is repeatedly asking if she’s allowed to stay up an extra 15 mins while the other is doing her bedtime impression of a tazmanian devil, in a defiant protest against sleep! 

So we kept the babysitter, we cancelled the bbq & we went out for dinner. 

I didn’t re do my make up from morning & I didnt do anything with my hair.  I didnt change out of my jeans & I wore my converse! But we had a relaxing meal & talked & even smiled at each other! I think Andrew is so used to seeing me rolling my eyes that he was beginning to question whether I could actually look directly at things! And we laughed too! Laughing is so important!!

Then we came home & got into our pjs & watched tv in bed! The same bed!!! Without a toddler!! 

And thats brings us to now . . 8pm. (I know, we’re crazy wild!!) In bed. This is where our date night gets really exciting!! This is the part I’ve been looking forward to all night!! The pièce de résistance, if you will! You’ve probably guessed it . . . A FULL NIGHT’S SLEEP!!!!!! 

And that my friends is what date night looks like in our house!

Thanks for stopping by!

Amy x

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