Taking back control!

So as you will all be fed up of hearing, MY BABY DOESN”T SLEEP!!!!

I feel like I want to go back and find every parent I’ve met previous to me having Elle who told me their baby doesn’t sleep so I can give them a big hug and say “I get it now!!! I’m so sorry I didn’t before!!”

I’m not exaggerating when I say that Elle not sleeping affects every aspect of my life!  Andrew’s life as well obviously but I’m only writing this post from my point of view because, well, I’m not him.

Im in a constant state of tiredness that makes me grumpy, irritable, forgetful, depressed and despondent a lot of the time which I’ve noticed has been affecting my relationships recently.  A few weeks ago I forgot a friend’s Birthday and another friend had been trying to get hold me of me to tell me some exciting news but couldn’t reach me since I was always busy when she phoned, either trying to get Elle to sleep or in an exhausted slump unable to string a sentence together usually!  I’ve also had to cancel meet ups more often than I’d like.

The realisation that the friendships that I value so dearly are being affected has given me the wake up call I needed!!

Yes Elle doesn’t sleep well, and in fact may not for a long time (please God don’t make that the case!!)  but theres nothing I can do about that.  God knows we’ve tried everything!! So all I can do is work with it!  I’ve always been a problem solver but I’ve been looking at this problem all wrong!  I can’t “fix” my baby, I have to “fix” me!!

So  the first step is so start looking after myself better! I don’t go to bed early enough to catch up on my sleep, I don’t eat well (AT ALL!!) and I do zero exercise!  I don’t drink enough water and drink FAR too much tea and coffee!

So these are my goals to get myself back to my A game:

  1. Walk every day.
  2. Drink a lot more water.
  3. make better food choices.
  4. Go to bed earlier.

They’re not huge changes and I’ve purposely not made them too specific or unattainable but they are changes in the right direction and that’s gives me hope that things will get better!

Im taking back control of my life!!

Anyone want to join me?

Thanks for reading!

Amy xx

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