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Ok I’m going to be completely honest with you here guys, when I got invited to Revolution bar Aberdeen for the launch of their new pizza menu I was envisaging dingy smelly bars with sticky floors and manky loos!  Thats my memory of city bars.  (Its been a while since I have been in a “nightclub”!!)  But wow was I wrong!!!


Revolution is stylish and sophisticated and if you are anything like me then you’ll be pleased to hear that it feels really clean too! The first thing to put me off somewhere is if it feels grubby! You know what I mean!  lets face it you don’t want to imagine how many people have sat in the chair you are about to sit in but Revolution felt very clean!  Not like the dingy nightclub I had imagined in my head! In fact while we are on the subject, I took a photo of the loos (yip I’m that kind of person!) I was so impressed by how stylish and clean they were, not how I remember loos in bars at all!!


Im writing this post as a thirty something Mother of two and I can honestly say I feel like I have been missing out by not trying Revolution sooner!  On the rare occasion when myself and the Mr have the opportunity to have some “adult time” without kids  I wouldn’t have thought to try Revolution as a place to eat but I look forward to returning with Andrew for a date afternoon very soon!


The atmosphere is very relaxed and the service brilliant!  All the staff were very helpful and friendly too which always makes for a more pleasant experience! I didn’t feel old or out of place at all, with a real mix of clientelle!  It was  a beautiful sunny afternoon so we sat on the comfy cushioned seats on the balcony  which was heated and had a Dj playing next to us which created a great atmosphere.  Later on we moved inside to the bar area which I was surprised to find was laid out in a manner that meant it didn’t feel “squwished in” at all, in fact it felt very spacious!

The lovely folks at Rev Aberdeen treated us to a selection of Pizzas from their new menu which were all delicious and very different!!


My favourite was the Asian Satay Chicken Pizza which was just amazing and not flavours I’ve ever tried in a pizza before!  When Andrew and I return I will definitely be ordering this one again!   I can’t actually say there were any of the pizzas that I didn’t like!

Asian Satay Chicken

The Lamb Baba Ganoush looked too good to eat with the pretty gems of pink pomegranate scattered on the masses of lamb loaded on to this pizza!  I really enjoyed this pizza and found it very filling!

Lamb Baba Ganoush

The Hot Italian Pizza lived it up its name with a real kick which I didn’t find too spicy and I could still enjoy the flavours.

The Hot Italian Pizza

The Fresco, Margherita and The Beet Goes on pizzas were also lovely with a little more subtle flavours.  I’m not a huge fan of goats cheese but I didn’t find the amount on the “The Beet goes on” pizza overpowering and in fact the beetroot complemented it perfectly!

The Beet Goes on

Now as for the cocktails!! These bad boys are almost too pretty to drink! ALMOST!  I ordered my usual cocktail choice of a Pornstar martini to start, and although I can’t say it the best one I’ve ever had it was a high contender and I had another one later on too! 😉


I thought I had better sample one of their more unique cocktails  (for research purposes of course!) and the Guava Colada didn’t disappoint!  It was tropical and yummy and the perfect drink for a Mummy on an afternoon of childfree relaxation! Not to mention the unique presentation!


In fact all the drinks were presented beautifully in quirky cans, bottles and even bags!



All in all I had a lovely afternoon at Revolution Bar Aberdeen and look forward to returning again soon!



Thanks for reading,

Amy xx



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