Is Social Media making you unhappy, or are you just using it wrong?

In the last few weeks I have noticed a recurring theme among my peers.  People are coming off of social media.  “unplugging” if you will!

“Comparison is the thief of joy” is a phrase I’ve noticed being used a lot, and boy is that true!  But is social media to blame or are we just not using it correctly?!

When you start comparing yourself to others whether that be someone’s nice home, fancier holidays, better relationship or in the blogging/vlogging world, more followers and views then you are going to feel pretty poop! Its unavoidable! The grass is always greener and all that!  When you start to feel that way, then coming off social media is absolutely the way to go!  Even if it’s just for a break in order to get your head straight and put things back into perspective.

You are only seeing a small glimpse of someone’s life on social media and what appears to be a beautifully presented, immaculate home may in fact be a really unhappy home, where the owner’s only joy comes from sharing photos of her new cushions! And even if its the case that the owner is actually deliriously happy AND has a perfect home AND well behaved children AND a husband who does all the house work, does her happiness take away from your own?  Of course not!  There isn’t a set amount of happiness in the world that is being drained by Insta perfect women, leaving those us with merely adequate lives with just the rations.  Happiness is self made.  You can produce more yourself!! Just by appreciating what you already have!  And its free!!

I love social media!  Im making a career out of social media after all!  So what do I love about it?  I love learning new things!  I love learning about how other people live!  I love learning how to make the most out of my own life!  If I have a small grocery budget then yes following an Instagram feed which constantly shows me “quick and easy evening suppers” involving half a lobster and some caviar is going to leave me feeling a little inadequate with my aldi chicken thighs BUT if I follow the many accounts showing me how to feed my family on a budget then I am left feeling inspired and empowered.  One of my favourite you tubers in Kandee Johnson who is a beauty vlogger.  Im not really interested in make up truth be told but I just love her spirit and find her uplifting and motivating!  That is how I want to use social media, to build me up!  I like to share home organisation and cleaning videos with you all because I find those kinds of videos helpful  to watch but I want to be clear that my house isn’t spotless!! No, no no!!! I am sharing these tips because I want to help others by showing you things that I find make my life easier NOT to make you feel inadequate in your homes!! If you are following people that make you feel that way then maybe you need to question whether that account is adding to your happiness or taking away from it.

In conclusion I don’t think social media is taking away from our happiness I think our choices in how we use it are!! Sure if you window shop in chanel, your primark wardrobe is gonna look a little shabby?! So why choose to follow people on social media that are going to make us feel bad about our lives.

Follow those who uplift, inspire and motivate you!

Happy media socialising friends! 🙂

Amy xx

3 thoughts on “Is Social Media making you unhappy, or are you just using it wrong?

  1. Loved the bit where you said about window shopping in Chanel Vs Primark wardrobe lol. That’s a really good way to sum it up. Social media make me unhappy, but it’s not because of what I’m seeing that it makes me unhappy, I find it a bit frustrating that lots of lots of people don’t interact. And I often wonder if it’s just me, which is a horrible feeling. I agree on the whole though, I had to unfollow accounts in the past that made me feel unhappy.

    1. Thank you!! Yeah its hard not to take it personaly isn’t it but some accounts are super busy and I think they maybe just dont always have the chance to reply 🤷🏻‍♀️ Im sure its not you!! Xx

      1. You’re welcome 😊 yeah I know what you mean. I just find it hard lol. Another thing I find that makes social media less enjoyable, Instagram more than anything because that’s where I tend to post the most, is the bot comments and follows! Ugh! Horrible! 🤣

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