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Hello Strangers!!

Sorry I took a little break there!  It’s not you, its me! That old cliche! Actually I was working on some other stuff!! Mainly functioning as a normal human with a one year old that thinks sleep is for wimps but also I’ve been setting up an “Amy being Mum” You Tube channel!


Ive been working on making videos and editing them and figuring out all that jazz which is actually way harder than I realised!  So anyway my Channel is up and theres a few videos up already so if you want to check it out here’s the link:

Amy being Mum

and if you’d like to subscribe that would be lovely thank you!! just click the subscribe button on my You Tube channel, it looks like this:


So other than that we have started sleep training with Elle!!! Its awful!! I hate it!! But no one is getting any sleep in our house, other than Caitlin who is an even deeper sleeper than her mum and would sleep through an earthquake I’m sure!  The Health visitor referred us to a sleep expert who came to our house and asked us a bunch of questions about “our sleeping arrangements” AWKWARD!!!  I like to spoon but sometimes Andrew gets too hot . . .  not really sure if that was what she was after?!  So basically after finding out how we are currently dealing with Elle not sleeping she advised that we, “man the F*** up!!” Ok she didn’t actually say those words but that was the jist of it! So we’ve been leaving her in her cot and not getting her up out her cot when she screams the house down! We don’t actually leave her, we stay with her and stroke her head etc but we don’t get her out her bed which is her main goal.  (Think of Brain from “Pinky and the brain” but instead of taking over the world Elle plans to escape her cot every night!)


I find sitting next to her, hearing her crying really upsetting so Andrew usually takes over while I lie in bed supporting him from afar.  Not sleeping, no no I’m definitely not sleeping, Im DEFINITELY supporting him from afar!! So last night was night 4 and she’s still not catching on really!   Funny how she worked out how to open the T.V cabinet within 5 seconds of discovering it but she can’t work out how to go to bloody sleep!!!

I shall update you on progress in the coming weeks or alternatively just look at my face on Instagram, Facebook etc and you will be able to gauge our success by the bags under my eyes!


So you’ll notice a lot of what I discuss relates to Elle, because theres always new things going on the world of a baby/toddler whereas Caitlin at 8 (nearly 9) years old is fairly consistent in her behaviours!  Caitlin generally plays Minecraft, refuses any food I offer her and argues about having to wash! I know where I stand with Caitlin! She’s a really good girl and doesn’t generally complain that, having been an only child for almost 8 years, she now has to share most of my time with Elle.  So I like to make sure that we have the odd day just Caitlin and I, to give her that time with her Mum.  This Saturday was one of those days!

Train selfie!
We decided to get the train into town, which is an adventure in itself!  We planned to go to the cinema and have a look at the shops!  Our cinema trip can only be described as bazaar!  . . .  So we bought our tickets at the desk for the 2.40pm screening of ‘The secret life of pets.’  It was only 2.10pm so we went to go have a little look at the shops first.  We arrived back at the cinema at 2.40pm in time to get our food and take our seats just in time to miss all the trailers and just catch the start of the film, I thought!!


So having spent the equivalent of a mortgage payment on food we wandered over to the ticket person and handed over our cinema tickets.  They directed us to screen 3.  Caitlin wanted a booster chair , which she has never asked for before in her life but clearly  decided the best day to try one out for the first time was the day I am alone at the cinema with her and carrying a buffet of cinema snacks! When I struggle to open the doors I can see the film has started! Dammit, I was sure I’d timed it perfectly to not miss the start! Anyway we make our way to the back of the cinema where our seats are.

Does anyone else find it really confusing when they ask you if you want a seat “front, middle or back”?!  The way I see it the cinema is split into the seats in front of the screen and the ones on the steps, so wheres this middle section coming from?! I always want to ask where exactly the cut off is between middle and back section but I don’t want to seem like a cinema novice so i just chose back and as a result we are now at the VERY back!! Like up the entire flight of steps, against the wall!!!

We have to squeeze past lots of people who are already seated, with our booster, two hotdogs, spilling popcorn, giant cups of sugary drinks etc to get to our seats.  People are giving us strange looks but I ignore them since people come into the cinema after the start all the time! Its no big deal! It takes about 5 mins to get ourselves settled into our seats (booster properly positioned) food in position, drinks in the cup holders.  As Im wolfing into my hotdog Im finding it really hard to work out whats going on in the film! Surely we can’t have missed anything THAT important in the first 5 mins?! 5 mins later as Ive just finished my hotdog and started on the popcorn, the end credits start rolling.  WTF?!  The lights come on and everyone starts leaving! Caitlin and I look at each other a bit baffled.  No wonder people were giving us strange looks, we walked into a film 10 mins before the end with enough food to feed the staff of Cineworld!

The cinema supervisor was very apologetic and gave us vouchers for free tickets and a food voucher as an apology for the mistake! We didn’t really feel like starting the whole cinema palaver again so we just left after our 10 minute cinema experience with tummies full of hotdog! A bit like the film version of speed dating!

Caitlin wanted me to get eyelash extensions which I’ve had done before but she wanted to watch, so we took a trip to pure spa and I spent the weeks shopping money on eyelashes which annoyingly fell out the next day!! So now I have to phone Pure spa and complain that my lashes have all fallen out and now my children are having to eat them for dinner since I spent the shopping money on them! Theres a life lesson for you! Not sure what that lesson is but theres a lesson there!

lash extentions
Sunday was Fathers day!!  We went to church in the morning which was fun!  caitlin got to do crafts with the other kids which she loved (and sulked when it was time to go home) and Elle got to point at strangers and shout along to songs which makes her happy! Me and Andrew got coffee and cake and a blether with some of our chums at church so that was a nice start to the day!


I cooked us all a cooked breakfast when we got home which by this time was more like brunch and Caitlin told me all the things that were wrong with it e.g I’d overcooked the bacon and the potato scones were burnt!  That child has a future as a food critic I tell you!


Andrew was happy with his Fathers day presents and we all had a lovely family day together!


So thats whats been going on with me!  Hope you are all well?  I promise not to leave it so long next time! But between blogs you can check out my vlogs on YouTube and you can come say hello to me on Facebook and Instagram too!


Thanks for reading!!

Amy xxx

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