I Aint no Dorothy! – Hunter Gatherer the Sequel.

Ok this is kind of a sequel to the Hunter Gather story so if you haven’t read that post, then you might want to read that first!

Read Hunter Gatherer here!

If you can’t be bothered to read the above post then to summarise, basically its about a lady (who I named Dorothy) who had an unhealthy attachment to her trolley token which resulted in me doing a weekly shop in two parts using only shopping baskets.  It was a complete farce that would never have happened if I had been a “Dorothy” kind of woman and had a bloody trolley token!

So I was at Aldi yesterday (just for a change!) I swear I see the Aldi staff more than most of my family members!  I nearly asked one of the shelf stackers last week if his coughed had cleared up.  I didn’t need to since he had a coughing fit resembling some sort of seizure 2 minutes later!  Thank god he’s not on a food aisle!

Anyway as I was returning my trolley, a man shouts over to me “have you got a pound in your trolley?”  This man clearly knows the lay of the land when it comes to trolley etiquette and knows the situ’ with the trolley token/pound coin conundrum and asks straight out if I’m a token or pound person!  Me in my best Dorothy impression shouts back “No sorry I have a TOKEN”   Haaa Im now a token holder, Im not a scramble in my purse looking for a pound person anymore, Im a proper grown up token holder! In your face Dorothys!!!!

Then after I return my trolley I realise that the man isn’t a Dorothy, he’s an AMY!!!!   He hasn’t got his shit together either!!!  So I run over to his car like the crazy lady I truly am and give him my token!  He kindly offers me a pound worth of coins which I accepted but I had planned to just give him the token as a gesture of shopper solidarity anyway.  He had a toddler with him too so I felt even better for having saved him from the whole basket/toddler palaver!

So my token is gone!  I don’t even have a pound now, just a handful of change!   It was fun being a Dorothy for a while but it’s just not me!  Im always going to be a crazy lady who doesn’t have her shit together but thats ok!!

Thanks for reading!

Amy xx

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