How I meal Plan.

Meal Planning is something that requires a little time to do, but saves you time in the long run as you don’t have to make as many trips to the shops for things you may need throughout the week! 

Not only does meal planning save you trips to the shops but it also saves you brain space!! Hear me out here . .

So sunday night you think “we need to go shopping, what will we have for dinners this week?” 

Monday you’re grocery shopping and as you are pushing your trolley round you’re trying to think what to have for dinners this week. Possibly with a toddler running riot if you’re anything like me!

Monday evening you are thinking what to make from the food you bought at the supermarket. You might realise you’ve forgotten an element you need for the meal you are going to make so have to nip down to the corner shop for an ingredient.

Tuesday if you’re anything like me you probably cant even remember what you bought at the supermarket let alone what you can make out of those groceries for dinner!! 

You get where im going with this!! Thats FOUR seperate occasions you’ve used up brain space thinking about a dinner you could have written down once and not had to think about again!

I like to use a meal planning notebook. But any old notebook will do the job! I also keep all my old meal plans to look back on for ideas when I take a mind blank!  The internet is also a great source of inpiration for meal ideas! I usually only meal plan for five nights as we tend to get invited to relatives for dinner or get a takeaway or something one night a week and usually we have some form of leftovers the another night! 

Ive made a video on my youtube channel explaining my whole meal planning process if you are interested in seeing me in action, so to speak! (Video link below!)

Click to see how I meal plan!
Id love to hear if you meal plan and any tips you have!!

Thanks for reading!! 

Amy x

Click to see how I meal plan!

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