It’s the Summer ‘holidays’!!!!!  Correction, Its 6 weeks of no school or baby classes when we have to spend all our time together as a family!! I don’t call that no holiday! So why do I still get a sense excitement about the impending School Summer holidays?!   I think I, foolishly, remember the joy of six whole weeks off school and all the fun that would await as a child! I’d get up early to watch ‘Saved by the bell’ then take off on my bike with my best friend for indefinite amounts of time, only to return home when I’d run out of money for Taz bars from the Spar shop!  The summer holidays were the BEST!!!! Fast forward to 2016 when I have two kids to entertain, feed, and generally listen to stories that last an average of 3 hours about random computer game people I’ve never met! For the next SIX weeks!!

So the holidays kicked off great with one of our friend’s little girl’s birthday party at the local soft play centre on Friday after the last day of school!




Caitlin was at the party too but she ditched us the minute we arrived and we didn’t see her again till we left, at which point her face was a deep shade of magenta and she looked like she’d just taken a spin class! Which is more than her mother has ever done!

I love soft play centres, they’re great for the kids to let off steam without parents worrying about them hurting themselves BUT i would like them a whole lot better if there weren’t other people there! I don’t mean the other party guests obviously as they are our friends , I mean the “strangers.” Theres always some kid thats a real dick to your kid but who’s parent doesn’t give a crap and ruins it for everyone else.  Its not the kid’s fault, its just unfortunate that their parents A) chose to take them to the same soft play and B) chose to procreate! Im joking of course! 😉 Then theres those parents that pretend they don’t know their kid has been talking to you/annoying you for half an hour while they blissfully ignore their offspring and enjoy a cup of coffee and cake in peace while this kid asks you “Whats your name? Whats your baby’s name? Where do you live?”  Fuck off!! I came here to ignore my own kids not acquire someone elses!!  Then your kid appears to tell you the afore mentioned little shitbag is pushing/spitting/blocking the slide/breathing.  So If anyone opens an exclusive, members only V.I.P soft play centre I will be all over that shit!!


Saturday I was at my nearest Tesco store helping take in food collections for our local food bank!

I was humbled at the generosity of others and at the time the food bank volunteers give up every week to help other people!  It really made me realise how much I take food for granted and don’t really appreciate how lucky I am to not have to worry about how I’m going to feed my children!

Sunday we went to church where we played parachute games and threw seed grenades in the garden and ate chocolate cake and drank tea!  This is why I love our church, its not stuffy and formal, its fun and sociable and has cake and caffeine!  My kinda place!

Just thought I’d casually throw in my volunteer work and church attendance there so you don’t think I’m just a swearing, moaning, dragon of a Mother!  I am those things, but I also volunteered and went to church this weekend too so I like to think that those help cancel out some of my shitness a bit!  I might even try being nice to my kids! We’ll see!

So Sunday afternoon we had a family afternoon out to Raemoir garden centre, which is possibly the first family outing where non of us have fallen out with each other now i think about it! There was a brief moment when it was all going to go tits up but then we found a play area outside to let off some steam and we could carry on the pretence of being a normal family!  Swings are a great way to push your kids when they’re annoying you without it being classed as violence! Win win!


We had a yummy lunch in the restaurant and its so much easier going out for lunch now Elle can eat proper food rather than baby food!


I also got a new watch which I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!!!


I’ve got a bit of a thing about watches! Im not really into shoes and handbags but watches I love!!

Then it was home for a popcorn and film evening!


So that was our fun family weekend!!

Week one of the summer holidays awaits . . . .  Wish me luck!!!!

Thanks for reading!

Amy xxx


3 thoughts on “Holidays?

  1. Oh my you must be my personality clone or something!!! I feel the same way about soft play, brilliant because the kids definitely sleep better and they genuinely have fun…I love my own child but others I can’t stand so much, vip soft play would be HEAVEN!
    I work at Tesco and I think the food collection scheme is brilliant, we definitely take food for granted so it’s nice to give back xx

    1. Haha well if i hear of one i’ll let u know!! Just hope the dress code isn’t too strict! 😬
      The staff at our tesco couldnt have been nicer to us while we were there!! 👌🏼 xx

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