Hello Sunshine!!

So the schools were off with us today and the sun was actually out, which is kinda rare in North East Scotland and even rarer on a school holiday!!

It was actually such a relief that we didn’t have the school run this morning as we had a really busy weekend!  We took the Kids to my Sister and Brother in law’s on Saturday, as we had an evening wedding reception.  This is the first time I’ve left Elle all night!! Eek!! I know thats rediculous because she’s a year old but for some reason I’ve been really funny about leaving her overnight.  I was never like that with Caitlin.  Maybe it comes with me being older this time round. Who knows but anyway Im a totally neurotic Mother when it comes to leaving Elle with anyone.  (Spoiler, she was fine and so was I!)




Having a great time at their Auntie and Uncle’s house!

We had a lovely time too!

Andrew and I at the Wedding reception.


On Sunday we had our good friend’s, little boy’s christening which was a joint christening with his little cousin.  It was a lovely family day and the sun shone for them!




Elle treated us all to a long lie this morning (having not gone to sleep till 9pm last night and getting up twice in the night!  Incase you thought I was that jammy!)  I say all of us but Andrew had to go to work so just me and Caitlin.

We started off with a lovely family activity of making Thank you cards for Elle’s birthday gifts!

Did I make my children part of a card making production line? Maybe.  Is it character building?  Definitely!

“Character building” is my go to catchphrase for anything they don’t like doing!

Id booked a grocery delivery last night to arrive between 11am-12 noon and generally they arrive at the beginning of the slot, when I’m not quite ready for them and usually I’m in the loo or something so I was determined to be ready at 11am sharp today! My plan was to get Elle down for her morning nap, have my shower, get the shopping put away, have lunch ready for her wakening up so we could be out the door around 12 ish to go visit our friends.  Well obviously that was far too easy and of course my plan went tits up!!

Elle refused to nap ALL morning which meant she was exhausted and super grumpy and I couldn’t get in the shower! Eventually I bribed her big sister to sit with her winging baby sister so i could jump in the shower for 5 mins!

11am came and went and no order arrived.  My 11.30am not only was my plan ruined but i realised we had not a thing to eat for lunch!! Everything was in the shopping order!

So to cut a long story short, by the time the shopping eventually arrived at 12 Caitlin and I were hungry and grumpy and Elle had fallen asleep!! Bearing in mind we were meant to be leaving for our friend’s about now!!

Great timing Elle!! NAT!!!!

So I start putting away the shopping and spill a full carton of open blueberries all over the kitchen floor! After swearing loudly at having spilled them everywhere I then step on one!  At this point I realise Ive not eaten anything today and being “hangry” (anger caused by hunger, incase you don’t suffer this condition) isn’t helping the situation so I think I had better eat something before I spontaneously combust in a hungry rage!  Caitlin takes pity on me and picks up the blueberries while I make us lunch.  She’s a good girl!

12 noon when we were meant to be leaving . . .

Ive messaged my friend to explain the situation and apologise that we won’t be round anymore.  I eat lunch and get the shopping away thinking at least I’ll have 2 hours peace while Elle sleeps!  Oh no, Elle wakes up after only 30 minutes nap!!  Aargh!!! So i message my friend AGAIN, “She’s back up, can we still come pleeeease?!”  I don’t want to be stuck at home with a grumpy one year old!!!! At least at my friend’s house theres safety in numbers!!  We have a lovely afternoon in the sun and my friend’s 3 girls along with my other friend’s two girls and my own two have a lovely time playing together!  (Yip we’re going to have great fun with all those girls when they hit puberty!)

Its amazing how meeting up with good friends who really understand you recharges your batteries!!



So we come home feeling rejuvenated from our lovely afternoon in the garden (maybe a little pink) and enjoy an al fresco dinner in our own garden! The girls have a play together and Caitlin and I have a game of dominoes on the decking! Its moments like this that make me think that maybe just maybe we might appear to be a normal family to the outside world!! 😉

Thanks for reading!

Amy xxx

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