So anyone who has read my blog previously or watched my vlogs or even had the unfortunate experience of meeting me in person, will know that my Toddler doesn’t sleep!  The much un-anticipated sequel to the story of my life that is, “my baby doesn’t sleep!”  Please God may this not be a trilogy!!!

We have tried everything we could possibly dream up (Daydream obvs’ not the classic sleep dreaming which we once experienced in a past life pre Elle!) to try and get this little party animal to sleep at night!  The most successful method to date has been taking Elle into bed with us, which we have resorted to on the odd occasion!

This past weekend Elle stayed with my Sister and brother in law while we were in London for three nights.  Elle slept all night for them!! Why?  Because she slept in their bed!  My niece is two years old and my sister didn’t co-sleep with her. I never co-slept with my eldest daughter either so it wasn’t something I had considered, but as my Sister pointed out, all children are different and what works of one may not for the other!  I’ve been trying to get Elle to sleep in her cot for the last 17 months with little success and to be honest I am at the point of exhaustion now where I would shave my head if it meant a good nights sleep!  Im not sure why this would help.  So when my sister suggested we give co-sleeping a try, it was the go ahead I needed to “give in” and let her sleep in our bed in order to get a full nights sleep!  Sometimes you just need a third party to voice what you’ve been half thinking in order to legitimise it as a feasible suggestion and not just a sleep deprived half baked idea that seems a good idea at 2 am but actually in reality is stupid, like when I thought I might buy a bumbag so I can carry my phone when I’m wearing pyjamas.  Which I’m actually reconsidering as a genius idea!  I digress!

But is it “giving in” and letting Elle “have her way”  or is it choosing a method that works for us as a family in the same way we make many other parenting choices for our children?

To be honest I know nothing about co-sleeping as a parenting choice, since its not something I’d considered previously, however I have spent the last day or so researching it further in much the same way other people research holidays!  I am actually looking forward to the prospect of sleep MORE than a holiday FYI!!!

The fact we don’t have a spare room anymore and that Andrew is a very light sleeper & doesn’t sleep a wink next to our mini Mike Tyson means that co-sleeping for us requires a bit of logistical planning and musical beds!  Caitlin thought it was great fun getting to sleep on the floor in her sisters room (lucky she’s such a good sport!)  and Andrew got a full nights sleep alone in caitlin’s room in her double bed!  Meanwhile I had a sleepover with Miss Elle in our kingsize bed which she utilised about 85% of!  Its not ideal, its not the way I would have liked things to go but isn’t that true of a lot of things in life?  So for the next wee while at least we’re going to give this co-sleeping thing a bash and hopefully catch up on a few zzzzs!!

Funnily enough I stumbled upon an article this morning on how sleeping separately from your partner can boost your relationship so who knows maybe theres more perks to this situation than I initially thought! 😉

Thanks for reading!

Amy xx

2 thoughts on “Co-Sleeping?

  1. Hi Amy – So glad to find another parenting blogger on Abzmeet! We co-slept when Matilda (now 19 months) was tiny but she won’t have it any more – which is a shame as it would be a lot more pleasant than trying to get her back to sleep in her own bed at 3am on a frosty night! You do whatever works for your family, don’t you?

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