Baby Elle

So this time last year we were preparing for the arrival of baby Elle the following day!  I was going in for a planned section which was very surreal!  With my first daughter I had planned to have a natural labour  (well actually a home birth but i had to change that plan when I developed pre eclampsia) which ended in an emergency Caesarean section after 22 hours of labour, at which point I was so high on morphine i was chatting up the anaesthetist and could barely hold a conversation let alone my new baby! It was a fairly traumatic experience looking back, but being a young 22 year old i just took it all in my stride.


So this time, as a wise (and maybe a little more apprehensive) 30 year old I chose a completely different birth plan and went for an elective caesarean.  It was a really tough decision.  The Doctors and Midwives were all so supportive and assured me i should have a more straight forward birth should I chose to go natural but were also very respectful of it being my decision and weren’t pushy at all.  I know not everyone has such a positive experience and I feel so lucky that I encountered such understanding professionals.

So the morning of my caesarean I got up and showered, did my hair and make up and left the house with my weekend bag ready to meet my baby!  A year on and that morning was possibly the last time I got ready in peace!

So we arrive at the hospital and I’m shown to my bed on a ward full of mums and new babies, who are no doubt sore and exhausted and I’m like an excited puppy bouncy around (quite literally given the size of me!) They must have been thinking “haa!! Just you wait, you won’t be smiling soon with a new baby keeping you awake!”


My surgeon and anaesthetist came past my bed to say hello and that they’d see me soon in theatre.  They had a joke with me about how I seemed calm but was probably “pooping my pants” inside!  Im not sure you want someone cutting you open who makes poop jokes?!

A few hours later I was called in.  I walked in like I was going to have my nails done, it was truly bazaar! There was no rushing or panic, it was completely calm and i must say very civilised! One of the nurses told me about a hen weekend she’d just been on to distract me while they put my spinal anaesthetic in, it was uncomfortable at most but certainly not painful.


Then Andrew came in dressed in his scrubs which made me laugh!  I was prepared to feel some tugging and rummaging as they delivered Elle but it wasn’t too unpleasant and I was just so excited to meet my baby!! The theatre staff were chatting to us and to one another throughout the whole procedure and it was so completely relaxed that I felt sure Id chosen the right delivery option FOR ME and my baby.  One of the delivery team pointed out that Elton John’s song “Tiny Dancer” was playing just as they delivered Elle and I felt it was an  appropriate song given my little bubba had been dancing non stop inside me the last 9 months!!

I cried tears of joy as they handed my perfect little baby to me.  They asked her name and we told them she was, Elle Ruth.  They’d never delivered an Elle before.


So that was it Elle had arrived!! I was completely in love with my new daughter and couldn’t wait to phone and tell Caitlin she had a new baby sister and have her come in and meet her!


After the longest three hours ever they finally let me out of recovery and Elle and Caitlin met for the first time! Sisters and best friends!


So thats how it came to be that we will be celebrating Elle’s First Birthday tomorrow!! How truly blessed we are to have had her join our little family!!

Now time to give her a baby brother or sister . . . .  joking!!   Well not till after our Wedding next year anyway! 😉


Thanks for reading!!!


Amy xx

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