Amy’s Homemade Granola

Quite a few of you have asked for my Granola recipe so I thought I’d share it in a handy dandy blog post along with some pretty pictures from my new toy! I mean camera!!!!! 😉

We’ve just returned from honeymoon in NewYork where I had the most amazing yogurt “parfait” for breakfast one morning (see photo below 👇🏼)

Im usually a cooked breakie kinda gal on holiday but I thought I’d give it a try (notice I ordered a croissant as back up!) & oh my goodness, that parfait was like heaven in my mouth!! (I get a bit over excited by food!)

So since that memorable day on honeymoon, which I like to call “the day I had the parfait” I have obsessed over recreating it myself at home! I think I’ve made a fairly good attempt, if I do say so myself!

Little bit of a geeky fact . . The word “parfait” is french for perfect!

If you wish to recreate this yogurt parfait you will need 3 key elements:

• Granola.    • Yogurt.    • Fruit.

Lets work backwards!

Fruit layer – So for the fruit layer I think the easiest method is to use some frozen, pre-chopped fruit of your choice! Its up to u if you prefer mixed berries, Tropical fruits or any other combinations. I used the Tesco frozen breakfast topper which is a selection of tiny chopped up strawberries, pineapples, peach & mango! Yum! I added the frozen fruit to a pan to heat through and added a small amount of boiled water to create a syrup. I then added a generous heap of jam to the mixture this turned the water into a berry syrup. I let it simmer long enough to thicken a little, but know that it will continue to thicken as it cools. Once the mixture is fully cooled you can keep it in a sealed container in the fridge until you need it. It works perfectly in this breakfast dish but can also be used as a topping for ice cream or cheesecake!

Yogurt – most recipes suggest a set greek yogurt. Im not a fan of the consistency so I just used a plain natural yogurt. This was was nice BUT once it ran out I was forced to use whatever yogurt I had hanging around the fridge and found an activia apricot yogurt which tasted AMAZING with the fruit and granola!! It definitely raised it up a bar so play around and find what flavour combos you like best!

Granola – So not for the big daddy! The pièce de résistance! The golden yumminess that is Gra-no-la baby!!!! (Again apologies for my over excitement over food! What can I say, its a problem!)

So for your Granola you are going to want to work a 6:2 ratio to create a granola twin with mine! That is 6 parts dry ingredients to 2 parts . . Wet, for lack of a better word! Your “wet” ingredients will be half oil and half some form of sweetener. I used half coconut oil and half honey. But any oil is fine and some alternatives to honey are maple syrup, golden syrup, agave syrup or even sweetener. My honey is from a local bee keeper and is set to much the same consistency as coconut oil so i weighed both and then gently warmed them in the micro Until they became liquid.

My dry ingredients were oats, coconut, mixed seeds, almonds, walnuts & chia seeds.  You want the the dry ingredients to be predominantly oats with some other tid bits thrown in! U can add cereals too if u wish! Dried fruit can also be added but add this to your granola AFTER its baked.

Mix all your ingredients together so they get nice and coated with your oil and honey.

Spread evenly across your baking tray and bake at a medium heat for 30 mins.  I had my oven at 160 degrees fan.

leave to cool completely before breaking up into crumbly deliciousness!

I store mine in a plastic air tight container and put a piece of kitchen roll inside the container to absorb any moisture and keep my granola crunchy!

So theres a very long winded version of how I made my Granola and yogurt parfait.






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