A Squash and a Squeeze!

When I wrote the title of this post I actually thought it sounded like the title for a post about my wardrobe at the moment!  I like to pretend the tumble dryer is responsible for my jeans being a little snug (the waistband is practically creating a gastric band at the moment!) but we all know it’s the Pain au chocolats that are the culprits!  If you follow me on Instagram you will know that me and food are good friends!  But i digress!!

The title of this post is referring to a children’s book you may be familiar with if you have children of your own.  Basically an old woman asks a “wise” old man for some advice because  her house is a “squash and a squeeze” and the old man tells her to take in a menagerie of farm animals until her house is actually full and when they all get released from their unsuitable living conditions, which quite frankly the RSPCA would have a field day investigating, her house then feels spacious (if a little smelly and wrecked by animals!)

A squash and squeeze, by Julia Donaldson.
This story book has been at the forefront of my mind this last couple of weeks while Caitlin has been at her Dad’s house for her summer holiday with him.  If you are a parent of one child you will know its tough! Fun, rewarding, incredible, but tiring all the same!  But when you are used to having two children and one of them isn’t around, having only one child to look after feels like a walk in the park!!!  I am not taking away from parents of one child and saying its easy, oh no it is not that!! But it is very much relative to what you are used to I find.

Before the school holidays I was frazzled and pretty low!  I don’t know about you guys but I find if things are chaotic around me i.e. my house is disorganised, I’m told 5 mins before leaving for school that Caitlin needs a packed lunch, I find that Elle has no vests washed for that day etc etc that my mind feels chaotic too and I get very stressed and emotionally exhausted! (AKA a total bitch face to my family) And obviously if I’m feeling that way then it’s harder to get out of that rut because I’m not on my A game!

So these last two weeks, while Caitlin has been away,  and my usual workload has been halved, I have been organising my life!! I have been decluttering and cleaning out my house AND my mind!! Cleaning out my mind sounds a bit hippy but you know what I mean!

I like to keep busy when Caitlin is away anyway to keep my mind off missing her terribly!

So we’re now nearing the end of week two of Caitlin’s holidays at her Dad’s and having removed the metaphorical farm animals from my mind, I now feel ready for the new school term to begin in a week or so’s time!  I have my house in order (or as much in order as I can manage) and routines in place!  I have been through our finances and worked out a new budget to save for our wedding & I have changes in mind for Caitlin once she is home too! I will be less grumpy and snappy at her, she won’t be on her kindle playing Minecraft/watching YouTube 24/7 (unless its watching my channel which helps with viewing stats!! 😉 )  and I am cutting out a lot of the junk she eats since her Dad has informed me that she eats a lot better with him than she does with me.  She has been eating cereal for breakfast which she hasn’t eaten for me really since she was about 4!  It’s strictly chocolate spread or nothing when she’s at home! 🙁  I’m obviously far too soft!

So I have these new resolutions firmly in mind and I’m raring to go!!

I am under no illusions that these fantasies will actually come to fruition, but it’s good to set goals I guess!

Next is me losing a few pounds so I can fit into my jeans again!!

There’s probably more chance of Caitlin eating cereal for breakfast!

Thanks for reading,

Amy xxx

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2 thoughts on “A Squash and a Squeeze!

  1. I’m glad you had time to declutter and organise – I’ve been doing the same thing, it definitely helps to calm the mind! I saw on insta that Caitlin is home, I bet you’re a very happy mumma! Good luck with implementing all the changes, I think ill join you in trying to fit into my jeans a bit better. (Lord help us!)

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